Freedomeditor is an file system explorer and file manipulation program, written in php/ajax/css/html/javascript. It is aimed at editing html/images/css/javascript/php/flat txt files but can be expanded for anything. It is web based and thus can be used as cloud computing software.

Freedomeditor News:

  • 11 august, 2012 Freedomeditor 0.3 release!
  • 10 august, 2011 Freedomeditor new site nearly finished.
  • 9 august, 2011 Freedomeditor 0.2.9 nearly finished.
  • file browser HTML file menu: conversion to pdf with DomPDF, and inline CSS style tags to extern css file converting option.
    file browser image file menu: Preview image, set as background image.
    file browser CSS file menu: load CSS file in tinyMCE
    Apply basic transformations at JPG/GIF/PNG images, like blur, brighten, darken, rotate, resize etc.
    file tabs, cms (joomla, drupal, xoops) template tags, CSS3 tags
    HTML color memory system with graphical color picking tool farbtastic
    jQuery hotkeys code generator, command line (terminal) emulator


    third party cmd line tools:

    Required software:

    Download the latest version (via github).

    Default login: user: 'yser', password 'pswd'.

    Warning: Must read when setting up in a non-trusted environment, like on a public domain. .htaccess or similar folder security is a !!!mandatory!!! precaution. It is very important to ensure proper freedomeditor folder security, as freedomeditor has no build in security whatsoever yet. Login mentioned above is nothing but defense from computer illiterates.

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